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Hello and thank you for visiting our website and possibly choosing us for your next San Diego pool inspection. My name is Kevin Bowman and I am the owner and the one that performs the pool inspections. A pool inspection is a very important part of purchasing a home as your swimming pool has a large monetary value. This is turn may also be something that has a high outward cost to you upon purchasing a home with a pool and or pool and spa.

My story and why I offer this valuable service is a simple one. When I started my working career, I went into the trade of plumbing and over time a few friends of mine started small swimming pool companies. Seeing that this was a viable transition due to my plumbing background made it an easy decision. By having a plumbing background, I was already adept to working on and repairing pool equipment and performing plumbing repairs.

Over time, I transitioned into a partnership with a few colleagues and that is when we decided to go into the pool remodeling side of the industry. Over the years, we have worked on many projects such as complete pool remodeling, to pool tile and coping repair and replacement, plaster and pebble pool surface repair and resurfacing, and other similar pool construction services.

Due to this extensive knowledge gained and experience working with all aspects of swimming pool construction and pool equipment allows me to offer my expertise to prospective home buyers. A swimming pool is a large investment and asset to a home so it is always in your best interest to ensure the swimming pool or spa is in good working and structural condition.

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We know that buying a home with a swimming pool is added concern when your dealing with all of the other home, roof, and other necessary inspections. That is why we work hard to make sure the swimming pool inspection process goes as smoothly as possible.

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