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We Cover Your Pool Inspection Needs

Providing You With Detailed Information Needed For Your Home Pool Inspection with either a written report or a verbal walk through depending on your specific needs.

Pool Inspectors knows that when purchasing a home that it is an exciting but possibly busy time. Making sure that all of your due diligence is covered and that the t’s are crossed and the i’s are dotted. We are here to help make sure that the pool inspection process does not add unnecessary concern in this important time of the home buying or selling process.

Our San Diego Pool Inspection Options

With our San DIego pool inspection company, we know that not everything fits in one option. Some swimming pools and spas are in very good condition while others are older with more issues to be concerned about. This is why we offer various San Diego pool inspection options. Why would we want to charge you for a pool inspection report when there is nothing to be written on a report for repairs, credits, or compensation

We are always going to inform the customer when there are things such as structural concerns, safety issues, or any necessary repairs to the surfaces and equipment. This though is not always the case as a portion of the pool inspection services performed have little to no issues that will cost you money upon purchase of the home.

We will always follow the request of the home buyer based on their comfort level and decision on what they want based on having a detailed conversation about the overall condition of the swimming pool.

Who We Offer Our Pool Inspections

We can help anyone needing a better understanding of the pool and spa. Home buyers, home sellers, realtors, and property managers. No matter the size and overall condition of the swimming pool, we can help. With our many years of experience, we are experts in finding and reporting on anything found that may need to be addressed.

Home sellers wanting to know what they may need to repair or upgrade upon putting the home up for sale. Home buyers looking to get a complete understanding of what they may be dealing with upon purchasing a home with a swimming pool. Realtors and property managers doing their due diligence when working with a home or a property that has a swimming pool. No matter who the client, we can make sure you are put at ease knowing everything based on our thorough San Diego pool inspection report.

Pool Inspection San Diego With Written Report

With our written San Diego pool inspection, we always follow a pool inspection checklist. This checklist for our pool inspections cover everything that you would want or need to know about the swimming pool. Our pool inspection report will detail any work that is required based on structural concerns, safety issues, and any necessary repairs required. All of our written reports come with specific details on what was found along with average estimated costs. These average costs are provided as with any industry, there are ranges in pricing based on the company hired to perform any repairs. 


We will often tell our customers that the middle price range is what they should expect but we need to make sure they understand this. This range is often covering the sellers looking for an economical way to make the necessary repairs. Or on the other side of it, when the buyer or seller looks to go with a higher end company that may have a slightly higher cost for the scope of work needed.

No matter what either party decides, it is always important to have some sort of pricing to help determine a point of negotiation. Without average estimated costs, you will end up needing to find a third party to provide these costs. Often times another company providing costs will want to charge you for the time and estimate or want to perform the pool inspection themselves. Most professional pool companies do not want to provide pricing for things they themselves did not evaluate or diagnosis.

Verbal Pool Inspection San Diego

A verbal pool inspection is basically identical to the written report. This form of our pool inspection though is just going to be a verbal explanation of anything found to be a structural concern, a safety issue, or for any necessary repairs. When we provide San Diego customers with a verbal pool inspection, there is usually a reason. 


Often times the verbal pool inspections are for the sellers to get an understanding of things they should address. The other is for a buyer having a pool inspection on a swimming pool that has little or no issues found.


When we inform the customer that a verbal pool inspection would be adequate, is exactly that. When there is little or nothing found, we often times offer to help save the customer some money. Saving money due to the fact that a San Diego pool inspection would be unnecessary.


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